Lipsner Smith Film Cleaners Brochures and Technical Specs

 Lipsner Smith is world’s best-known and most successful provider of motion picture film

cleaning machines for 60 years. The extensive range of models includes the top of the range

ultrasonic systems to the low cost and user-friendly non-immersion machines such at the Excel 1100.

MMT now manufacture new units and provide a selection of used and factory refurbished

machines. Call or email for details of current availability. Full service, extended warranties

and parts are available, for most models, from Media Migration Technologies.

Ultrasonic machines are designed for either of two industry standard film

cleaning solvents:

CF8200P : For the chlorinated solvent known as perchloroethylene

CF9200 : For the more environmentally conscious Hydrofluoroether

Excel 1100 : Isopropyl alcohol

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