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Who We Are


Media Migration Technology supports the worldwide film and TV archiving community with a large range of specialized dedicated products, equipment, and services.

MMT’s in-house team has over 65 combined years of experience in the field of Film and TV content restoration, migration and preservation.

 MMT personnel are well known to those who manage collections that need to be Restored, Digitized and Preserved. 


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Who We Are


MMT offers sales, warranties, parts, supplies and service for all RTI Film Group technology,  which includes:

· Lipsner Smith Film Cleaning Machines

· TapeChek Broadcast tape evaluators/cleaners

· CIR D-Archiver 2K to 5K Digital film Scanners 

· CIR D-Observer film inspection & viewing, rewinders & splicers 

· BHP Inc Archive Film Printers and upgrades

· Calder Equipment film processors

· Treise film processors and rejuvenators

· Filmlab Systems Colormaster Laboratory Color Analyzer.


MMT not only provides equipment but can also offer convenient services such as ultrasonic film cleaning, or videotape cleaning and refurbishing. If you can’t let your collection leave your building, MMT equipment can be rented or MMT can provide project-based film or tape cleaning at your location.


How We Can Help

How We Can Help

How We Can Help


MMT has a network of highly experienced consultants to ensure additional technical support from beyond our own employees due to long standing relationships formed with consultants and experts from around the world.

All of us at MMT are excited to bring a focused and specialized team to this global community. Please let us know how we may be able to help you.

Contact us at info@mmtfilm.com  or call us at +1 (224)-282-8985