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News: September 2018

Versions of the RTI TapeChek series of professional videotape evaluators/cleaners are now available from Media Migration Technology!

A full range of machines are available based around the various RTI TapeChek machines. Models are available for:

U-Matic ¾” cassette formats

All variants of Betacam ½ inch cassette formats

1”, B & C format

DVC Pro and DVCam cassettes

VHS including S-VHS

2” Quad open reel.

New and Factory Reconditioned Models available. Email or call for consumables, parts, repairs and upgrades.

A full range of tape Degaussers (Full Erasure) is also available for video and data tapes of all coercivities and formats.

 Call or email for details!

TapeChek Pro Line 4100DLS & Non-DLS

4100DLS Cleaner-Evaluator-Eraser For Betacam, Betacam SP, SX, Digital Betacam, IMX, DTF, and HD-CAM

Millions of videotapes are being cleaned, evaluated and recycled on RTI TapeChek equipment by professionals like you. Why? Because there are times when it is simply a waste of money to use new tape. In fact, if you are discarding just 2 or 3 Betacam tapes per week, you may be throwing away the cost of this TapeChek machine. Payback from Betacam SP and Digital Betacam tapes is even faster.

The TapeChek Pro Line 4100 is designed to meet the needs of broadcasters and other professional Betacam users. Because the Pro Line 4100 will accommodate both the standard and large sizes, all cassesttes for EFP, ENG, LMS and production VTRs can be recycled with one unit.

Cleans and Polishes. Tape cleaning module utilizes three vacuum-assisted wiping tissues that effectively remove loose oxide and dirt from the tape surface before and after polishing. Precision dual sapphire burnishing system polishes the recording surface, eliminates “snowplow” debris, and improves head-to-tape contact in your recorders. Temporary dropouts are virtually eliminated. Does not effect recorded material unless Erase funtion is activated.

Erases. Optional erase module, when activated, provides complete full width erasure of recorded signal from Betacam oxide, Betacam SP, SX and Digital Betacam tapes when selected. Erases better than most bulk degaussers..and it cleans and evaluates, too!

LaserSCAN Detector Finds Tape Damage.
The revolutionary new LaserSCAN detector inspects the tape for physical defects and damage with virtually 100% coverage from edge to edge. RTI has used computer chip technology to produce an eight-cell photo receiver with virtually no gaps between photo sensors…and that means virtually no gaps in defect detection!

This non-contact optical inspection system detects physical damage in videotape that could cause major disruptions of the picture and/or sound quality because, when physical damage occurs, it causes the tape to lose contact with the heads of the VCR…usually resulting in a dramatic loss in picture or sound.

The solid-state visible laser in the LaserSCAN has many advantages. It has a long life and it runs much cooler than light bulbs. RTI’s special circuitry continually monitors the laser light output to guarantee consistent defect detection. Plus, the laser is a pinpoint light source…necessary to really pinpoint tape damage.

When tape defects occur, the light path from the laser to the photo sensors is disturbed and a defect is counted in either the upper edge channel, the middle (video) channel or the lower edge channel on the display.

ProTV SA Romania Reports on the TapeChek ProLine 4100 Cleaner/Inspector
“The TapeChek ProLine 4100 is the primary device in our workflow of digitizing old archive and other professional Betacam videotapes. Each tape is cleaned and inspected before is sent to the “Ingest” department for the digitization process. This way we can prolong the life of VTRs while having a clear picture of the tape status… and we are counting on Proline 4100 to get us the best possible quality the tape can offer for digitization. The printed report issued by the Proline4100 is reviewed when the quality control is performed… and it is very helpful in spotting video defects that otherwise might have been overlooked.”
— Mihai Burceag, Media System Manager, ProTV SA Romania


TapeChek 400 Series

400 Series VHS Videotape Cleaner-Inspector

  • Cleans Your Tapes — Makes Them Last Longer and Perform Better!
  • Cleans… Specially formulated motorized cleaning tissue gently wipes away dirt and other debris from the tape. Eliminates temporary dropouts and helps to keep VCRs clean.
    • Polishes… A sapphire burnishing module removes loose oxide, the number one cause of dropouts. The tape surface is polished for better head-to-tape contact and improved performance.
  • Before TapeChek… Loose oxide, dust and dirt on the tape causes distracting dropouts in both video and audio.
  • After TapeChek… Videotape is cleaned and polished to like-new condition. With TapeChek, you can maintain the quality of your tapes for years to come.

Inspects Your Tapes — Finds Damage so that you can Fix them, Retire them or Replace them!

  • Opto-electronic detection system locates edge damage, wrinkles and creases in the tape without erasure
  • Damage is reported on a comprehensive tape information display that provides four reports of defect data and tape length
  • Optional printer output provides hard copy reports of tape condition and damage locations
  • Defect search option after inspection, at the press of a button, TapeChek will fast forward to each damaged section in turn, so you can visually inspect the tape damage.


TapeChek Pro line 5100

Pro Line 5100

Recycling & Rejuvenation System for DVCPRO & DVCAM Cassettes For Medium and Large DVCPRO Cassettes, Large DVCAM Cassettes, Small DVCAM and Mini DV Cassettes with adapter

  • Meets the needs of broadcasters and other professional DVCPRO cassette users.
  • Accommodates all sizes of DVCPRO and DVCAM cassettes
  • Recycles — cleans the tape at high speed. Polishes recording surface, eliminates debris and improves head-to-tape contact
  • Erases — optionally provides full width erasure at high speed while tape is cleaned
  • Fast — Operates at 40 times normal tape speed for DVCPRO (25 times Mini DV play speed)
  • Cleans, evaluates, erases and rewinds a 60 minute cassette in as little as 1 1/2 minutes
  • Fully Automatic & insert any size cassette into motorized loader. Automatically senses cassette size. Cleaning-evaluation cycle starts at the push of a button.
  • Microprocessor electronics control all loading and transport functions for safe, gentle tape handling. Needs no operator attention from start to finish.