BHP Inc.

BHP is the world’s most experienced manufacturer of precision motion picture film laboratory equipment. As the successor to the Professional Equipment Division of Bell & Howell Company by a group of long time Professional Division employees, BHP is proud to continue the tradition of engineering and manufacturing excellence which began in 1907.

Over the years, engineering innovation, improvements in manufacturing techniques, and adherence to strict quality standards have led to a series of printers and accessories that have continually been the first choice of motion picture laboratories throughout the world.

BHP Inc. Modular Continuous Contact Motion Picture Film Printers

Designed to maximize print quality, negative safety and production efficiency, BHP Printers can benefit motion picture laboratories of all sizes.

  • Reliable Simple Design. The BHP simplified film threading path and high speed bi-directional film transport system provide efficient, high quality release printing.
  • Interchangeable Film Formats. All BHP Inc. printer models accept interchangeable picture and sound printing heads to enable printing both 16mm and 35mm format films on the same printer. In addition, 65/70mmmodels are available. Printing head film format changes may be done quickly and easily without tools.
  • 6000 Ft. Model. A special Model 6126ED is available that provides 6000ft. (1,800 meters) reel capacity.
  • Unmatched Print Steadiness and Gentle Film Handling.Print quality is outstanding at all printing speeds. A simplified film threading path facilitates fast, accurate set-up. The gentle film transport system is safe for original camera negatives and minimizes internegative wear over long print runs.
  • Safe, Reliable Wet Printing. Combined wet/dry printing models have been designed for safe, reliable operation. The wet printing system is contained entirely within the printer and includes a pump to deliver liquid from an external bulk supply to a supply reservoir in the base of the printer. The combination of negative and raw stock wipers and a unique liquid circulation system within the printing head assures reliable wet printing performance.
  • Fast, Accurate Exposure Control. All Model 6127 and 6131 Printers include the BHP additive color light source incorporating the high speed BHP Electronic Light Valves. Simplified servo motor construction of both the Electronic Light Valve and Fader virtually eliminates maintenance and produces a significant breakthrough in accuracy and reliability of operation.
  • Modern, Flexible Printer Control. The Printer Control System is microprocessor based and provides for electronic storage of color fade and frame count cue data. Control tape data may be accessed either through the standard BHP photo-electric tape reader from standard BHP/ Bell & Howell printer control tapes, or from an external computer through an optional RS 232 or 422 data port. Electronic Light Valve “trim” settings, Electronic Fader curve selection, and a variety of printer setup functions may be quickly and accurately made at the Printer Control System. Standard Digital and Analog Sound Printing Head. BHP printers are supplied with a multi-format sound head for printing analog sound, Dolby SRD* and SONY SDDS* tracks. Each format has individual voltage controls for ease of exposure settings.
  • Optional Dual Raw Stock. BHP dual raw stock option increases productivity by loading the next roll of film while the machine is running. Dual raw stock option also enables threadup for sub-title printing in the dry mode.
  • Electronic Fader/Ramp Exposure Control System.Selectable preprogramed ROMs match fader operation to the sensitometry of three different print stocks. Standard programmable fade lengths — 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 96 and 128 frames. For high speed, release print- ing, the optional BHP Ramp Exposure Control System uses the Electronic Fader to minimize raw stock loss.
  • Operator Friendly. Other set-up and operating controls are grouped in convenient control panels. The Power Control Panel is used for printer set-up and includes selector switches for film transport speed, printing mode and film format. A digital voltmeter is provided to selectively monitor printing lamp and other operating voltages. The Operator Control Panel permits one button printer operation for dry printer models while automatically incorporating a full range of printer safety features. Safe light threading lamps are provided on the printer above each printing head.
  • Ease of Maintenance. All BHP printer models have been designed to make maintenance simple and easy. One example is the main circuit board which runs all functions of the printer and is common between both wet and dry models.

All BHP printers and accessories are backed by a comprehensive warranty and the worldwide support resources of BHP and RTI.

BHP Inc. Announces Special -2.5%” Wet Printing Head for Film Archive & Restoration Projects

These film elements are often severely shrunken, and BHP offers a series of solutions to printing film with undersize sprocket spacing.

The new BHP shrunken 35mm film picture and sound printing heads can deal with shrinkage as much as 2.5%. Special 16mm picture and sound heads can print film shrunken as much as 1.25%

These options may be easily and quickly installed on your present BHP printer, and are a low cost alternative to purchasing expensive and slow step printing machines. BHP reduced pitch wet printing heads have been installed at many labs including Cinetech, Film Technology Company, United States Library of Congress and Technicolor/CFI.

BHP 7700 Printer

BHP 7700 Printer